SA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna Arms

SA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna Arms
SA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna ArmsSA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna ArmsSA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna Arms
SA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna ArmsSA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna ArmsSA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica Black AEG Specna Arms
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Model:  SPE-01-023587
Brand:  Specna Arms



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SA-G12V EBB Carbine Replica

The well-known on the airsoft market Specna Arms brand presents SA-G series!SA-G replicas with their level of craftsmanship can compete with replicas by top manufacturers! G-Series consists of carbines in several interesting configurations, including models equipped with an integrated scope, bipod or a KeyMod handguard.  

The replica, similarly to the original, was made of durable polymer, metal and, in the most vulnerable places, steel (steel parts include screws, pins and tactical sling adapters). The replica features a RIS handguard that contains a battery.

The replica is characteristic for its very good alignment of parts as well as the fact that it was made of matte polymer. The more important elements were joined with pins. This way specific elements can be changed, for instance, the magazine well. The receiver of the replica made of solid polymer features an individual serial number, manufacturer markings and aesthetic fire mode selector symbols. The top of the replica features, apart from a classic transport handle, a 1.5x fixed zoom scope. The replica features a stock foldable to the side, which simplifies the transportation and operating in tight corners. The metal barrel features a flash hider mounted on a 14 mm CW thread. 

The heart of the replica consists of a reinforced LiPo Ready gearbox V3. Its construction is fully modifiable and compatible with standard parts so the replica can be freely tuned. Instead of a typical connector cube, the replica features a micro-contact- it is a device that significantly increases reaction time of the mechanism to trigger squeeze, eliminates the risk of contacts burning as well as increases the rate of fire. 

The replica is fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries.

The replica features a quick spring release system - Enter & Convert™. In order to gain the access to the gearbox, all that is necessary is to remove the pin located in the latch blocking the stock. In this way, the access to the main spring guide is gained, which can be quickly and easily pulled out through the backside of the gearbox. Due to that system, it is possible to rapidly and quickly adapt the power of the replica to conditions expected on the playing field without the necessity to have the access to a workshop or a set of special tools. The entire spring exchange lasts 45 seconds and requires only a single screwdriver. 

The replica, similarly to the original, was adapted for the use by both left- and right-handed Users thanks to a double-sided fire mode selector plate. 

The replica uses an interesting solution in the form of EBB (Electric Blow Back) system that sets the bolt carrier into motion, increasing the realism and bringing it closer to the live firearm original. The system can be easily disengaged by unscrewing the special guide connecting the piston with the mock bolt carrier.

The set includes a Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 350 BBs. 

Every replica undergoes, as early as still in the factory, a pre-delivery inspection validated by a special certificate with a hologram and an individual serial number assigned to every replica. 

The set does not include a battery or a charger. 

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine 
- vertical grip

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