Featured Products

M5 RAS AEG G&P£359.99   £329.99

XT501 Mk2 UV Tracer Unit (14mm CCW) Xcortech

XT501 Mk2 UV Tracer Unit (14mm CCW) Xcortech£69.99   £54.99

GC16 M4 FFR 9'' AEG G&G

GC16 M4 FFR 9" AEG G&G£269.99   £239.99

AK Tactical AEG G&P

AK Tactical AEG G&P£239.99   £199.99

U.S. Navy MK23 MG AEG G&P

U.S. Navy MK23 MG AEG G&P£569.99   £499.99

3x Blaster Devil 0.25g BBs Bottle of 3300 ASG

3x Blaster Devil 0.25g BBs Bottle of 3300 ASG£23.97   £19.99

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The Airsoft Zone team is made up of a group of extremely experienced skirmishers with considerable experience in Airsoft retail, engineering, property management, graphic design and high finance. We believe this pool of knowledge has given us the ability to stock items that are both high quality and reliable, and in many cases used by us. This should give you the customer (from complete novice to experienced skirmisher) the faith in us, to buy from us in the safe knowledge that you will receive the best possible service. Therefore feel free to browse our website and / or give us a call for advice or just appallingly biased opinions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

All products featured on this site are toys for airsoft use only - we do not sell any real firearms or parts of them.