Franchi SPAS 12 3 Round Burst Shotgun ASG

Franchi SPAS 12 3 Round Burst Shotgun ASG
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Model:  18554
Brand:  ASG



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Franchi SPAS 12 3 Round Burst Shotgun ASG

This Sportline Franchi SPAS 3-burst is as real as it gets in Airsoft. The shotgun uses realistic 30 rnd shells and fires 3 rounds with each shot adding to the realism of a ‘realsteel’ shotgun.

The SPAS-12 3-burst is fully licensed by Franchi, this Sportline shotgun uses the realistic looking shells and is made with a metal outer barrel. The full size SPAS-12 Shotgun is known to be the ultimate velociraptor repellent but is suited for close quarter combat as well.__Attach a sling to the shotgun using the sling swivel located above the pistol grip or run with it freely if you need that extra momentum out on the battlefield.__Target acquisition is made easy with the built in Iron Sights. 

Please note: this shotgun requires some strength to operate therefore will be unsuitable for younger players.


Velocity: 260-280fps (with 0.20g bb)
Weight (approx.): 2kg
Length: 780mm
Magazine: 30 rnd cartridge (18555)
BB's: 6mm
Hop Up: Yes, fixed

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