Browning Hi-Power Full Metal Pistol GBB WE

Browning Hi-Power Full Metal Pistol GBB WE
 Browning Hi-Power Full Metal Pistol GBB WEBrowning Hi-Power Full Metal Pistol GBB WE 
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Model:  WE-B001
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WE Airsoft Browning Hi-Power Full Metal Pistol GBB

Many would say that this is John Browning’s finest work, used by the British army and SAS in particular the 9mm Browning High Power has seen years of service, but still holds its own against more modern combat pistols. This model is of course WE’s airsoft version of it (unique in airsoft as WE are the only company who make a skirmishable version). The WE Browning retains all of the operating characteristics of the original including double and single action trigger and a magazine safety. All in all a lovely pistol for collectors and/or skirmishes looking to complete a Falklands era or SAS British army load out.

- Velocity: 280 fps*
- Barrel Length:  
- Magazine Capacity: 20 Rounds 
- Full Metal Slide, Frame & Outer Barrel 

*Please note: varying temperature and type of gas can give different velocity readings. Also performance will vary in varying temperatures. It is not recommend that these guns be used in temperatures below 18 degrees Centigrade.

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