8mm Bearing Complete Gearbox (Front Wired) G&P

8mm Bearing Complete Gearbox (Front Wired) G&P
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Model:  GP857A
Brand:  G&P



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8mm Bearing Complete airsoft Gearbox (Front Wired) G&P

Plug: Mini Tamiya

- 8mm Bearing Gearbox
- 8mm Bearings
- 8mm Selector Plate
- Cylinder
- Metal Cylinder Head
- Metal Nozzle
- Metal Spring Guide
- Piston Head
- Piston
- Steel Gears
- Tappet Plate
- High Flux Wire & Switch

Also icluded:
- Metal M4 Cocking Handle
- Magazine Catch
- Bolt Stop
- Trigger Guard
- Selector Switch

Highly recommended for refurbishing early versions of G&P M4's/M16's or custom builds using G&P bodies ect.

Please note that the fps of your gun will depend on a many factors including barrel length and diameter, hop up chamber used and overall fitting. If you have any questions about this product please contact our engineering department.

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