Tactical Sniper Coat "Viperhood" Multicam East Military

Tactical Sniper Coat ''Viperhood'' Multicam East Military
 Tactical Sniper Coat ''Viperhood'' Multicam East MilitaryTactical Sniper Coat ''Viperhood'' Multicam East Military 
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Model:  Viper-Hood-MC-EM
Brand:  East Military



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Sniper is a hunter, and a hunter must be invisible. A sniper, who tries to work exposed almost immediately becomes a target for the enemy. Sniping positions have to be organized nearby the enemy lines, sometimes in uncomfortable, open and improper places. That's why sniper's camouflage has to be perfect, look naturally and must not stand out against the surroundings.

A classic sniper viperhood from East Military. The surface is completely stitched with a square braid for attaching camouflage elements, which allows you to change them depending on the season. The viperhood is adjustable with rubber bands.

The hood is also adjustable and has a mesh on the sides for better ventilation. It is done up on with a Fastex. The cape is made of durable rip-stop, which ensures high reliability and long service.



1. Great viperhood for snipers.
2. Affordable price.br /> 3. You can place any camo elements on your choice.
4. Mesh on the hood.
5. Adjustable with rubber bands.


Rip-Stop (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester)


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