Red M170 Upgraded Polycarbonate Piston ULTIMATE ASG

Red M170 Upgraded Polycarbonate Piston ULTIMATE ASG
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Model:  17166
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Red M170 Upgraded Polycarbonate Piston ULTIMATE ASG

The ULTIMATE extreme performance piston is made of a 50% stronger polycarbonate resin with embedded steel teeth.
All dimensions of the piston have been reworked to fit perfectly inside ULTIMATE gearboxes and gives a smooth low friction performance.
The length has been adjusted to make a perfectly even contact between the first gear and the first teeth of the piston preventing breakage and minimizing wear.

With ULTIMATE Extreme performance piston you get:

Increased strength.
Increased durability.
Low friction.
Perfect fit in ULTIMATE gearbox.
Perfect combinations of polycarbonate teeth and steel for impact-energy absorption and strength.
Reinforcement bar gives superior structural strength to the piston teeth.
Optimal angle for first contact between piston and gear.
50% stronger polycarbonate (then ULTIMATE high performance piston)

Must be used with appropriate internal components to secure the best performance and durability.

For use with Classic Army gearboxes modifications are required.

Please note: part requires fitting. For engineering services please contact us.

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